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Why Plastic Still Needs To Be Used

All the talk around the use of plastic these days could easily get people’s goat. Their consciences are being hammered time and time again over why plastic is just so wasteful and intoxicating and polluting. Then again, this might have made sense to them if only they knew that a lot of the plastic manufactured for everyday commercial, industrial and personal use is sourced from oil, amongst other chemically-induced toxic materials.

It is almost like saying that your favorite candy bar was made from sand. How intoxicating is that? And then of course, there is that small matter of the candy bar being wrapped in paper, not cotton wool. You would have thought. Yes, that is quite correct, readers. Expect to find plastic fibers in your candy wrapper. And would you believe, it is even in your everyday use toothpaste. How safe is that? Extremely harmful, in fact.

plastic blades

After every mouth wash, all those tiny micro fibrils go through the sewerage networks until they are spewed out into the sea. And without even knowing it, so many small marine creatures, so small, you would not even be able to see them, have swallowed these. And then they die. Dangerous stuff indeed. And yet the commercial and/or industrial use of plastic blades is deemed to be safe to use. And think about it.

The term ‘chopper blades’ is just so ironic. Chopper is of course a derogatory reference to the helicopter. And should you ever accidentally come into contact with its rotating blades, you will in all probability be shred to bits. No plastic coating here will make an iota bit of a difference. But in many other cases, yes, it will. So many good examples could be listed, you have no idea.

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