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Cleaning Environment In More Ways Than One

The janitor is perhaps one of the most under-appreciated service providers out there. You should appreciate more the work that he is performing for you each and every single day. Because is he not already helping you to keep your environment clean. And today he is able to do so much more. Who would have believed that something as straightforward as janitorial cleaning rags would now be cleaning up the environment in more ways than one?

The seasoned and dedicated janitor should not be referred to as someone who is long in the tooth. That term does sound a bit on the derogatory side. But you could just say that he has been around the block a few times. This is both figurative and literal, assuming of course that he has always had work to do. Over the years he may have built up quite a good reputation for himself. His services are always in demand.

But what is going to happen when the old man decides that enough is enough and no more. I am done and dusted with the cleaning. It is high time that I go and do that fishing that I have always been promising myself that I would do. But by that time you will have hoped that this gentleman has also learned to be sustainable in the waters as well. Speaking of which let’s have another look at his cleaning rags.

janitorial cleaning rags

Who knows how many times the original cloth has been used. It too has been around the block a few times. And it has also been on a few landfill sites. But now it has been recovered. It has been recycled. And whoever replaces the janitor can continue using it over and over again.

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