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If Its Computerized, Then It Must Be Accurate

Is this human nature or is it not? This deep into the 21st century, you have to admit, you often take so many things for granted. Like modern technology for instance. Quite literally, there’s people out there who already allow their cars to drive them. Well, part of the way anyhow. Maybe you can relate. And maybe you remember the day when you took your driver’s test. And most of you passed. But maybe you’ll remember this.

The most nerve-racking aspect of that test was having to park your car. But today, those folks who are taking full advantage of computer-based technologies are really relaxed. While the computer clock if you will is parking their car in a busy lot, they’re sitting back with their arms folded. Or maybe they’re checking their social media feeds so long. Tricky one this. Because the car is being steered by computer, are you now allowed to use your handheld device?

Or must you still leave it in its slot, just below the dashboard? Speaking of which. Speaking of computer based technologies. And speaking of clocks. Because its computerized time clocks are people taking their time for granted? Because if its computerized, it must be keeping accurate time. But fair enough questions if you are of the old school, still adjusting your body clocks to modern technologies.

computerized time clocks

But to put your mind at ease let it be known that, yes, computerized time clocks are pretty accurate. As long as the power supply stays on, and these days, usually it does, the clocks will keep on keeping accurate time. You already have it on your mobiles which still need to be charged every other day anyhow. These are clocks that never need to be wound up.

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